COVID-19 close to home

It's a month after Manila went into lockdown and the Delta variant has been sweeping the country.

So many of us at Likha had to personally deal with friends and family who got infected. Many cases were mild, but we've lost some people, too.


What do you do when COVID-19 hits?

No matter how careful you are, this Delta variant is sneaky. Hopefully it never hits your family, but it's good to be prepared.

Some essentials you need to have in your home include:

Covid Kit

*Images from Freepik Medical and Food vector sets

Vitamins C, D and Zinc supplements are good to have on hand, too.

Coordinate with your doctor before taking any medication and keep them up to date on how those infected are doing.

Many hospitals now offer a teleconsult service to help monitor cases. Your LGU may also be in partnership with a local hospital to do this monitoring.

You may also find it helpful to maintain a log that you update 3x a day with the following information. 

It can help identify trends and be a good reference when providing updates to your doctors.



Truth is, our immune system is the best thing we have to ward off this disease. 

In our Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise journal, we go over good habits to stay healthy - sleeping, eating well, and keeping hydrated.

A recent article by The Atlantic discusses the importance of sleep in this pandemic. 

Fruits for snacks, and some veggies in each meal go a long way to providing key vitamins and antioxidants - we love Minimalist Baker's Chocolate Avocado Pudding recipe that is SO EASY to make and DELICIOUS!

Drinking enough water is something so accessible for all of us! Do you drink enough?

We need 64 oz or about 2L each day! A good indicator is the color of your pee - is it dark and yellow (dehydrated) or clear (hydrated)?


Other ways to defeat this virus!

For other ways to conquer COVID-19 on pen and paper, don't forget to check out these games on our YouTube Channel

 Fortune Tellers Battleship Tic Tac Toe