A delightful learning experience that kids will come back to again and again

Behind the Book

All books provide us with stories that capture our imagination. And yet, we set out to achieve more than just an exciting story with a great message. Out of This World Adventure stemmed from the desire to address several specific goals:

Instill a mindset of “I Can Make a Difference” among kids


Encourage open-mindedness, empathy and being responsible for one’s actions at an early age


Provide an interesting and engaging platform to introduce the Filipino culture to young audiences


Provide an avenue to feature local artisans with a superb product by an all-Filipino team

Our Team

Camille Go


is a mom to two lively girls. She spends her free time crocheting, baking, and planning for upcoming weekends or trips. She hopes this book helps kids (including hers!) realize that having a good attitude can make a world of a difference.

Jem Perez


is a mom to three rowdy boys. After 15 years in marketing, she decided to pursue her passion in styling children's birthday parties and her dream of writing a children's book.

Sab Palmares


is an illustrator and graphic designer who enjoys working on various mediums. She creates stories and drawings of curiosities and folk creatures. Sab lives with 7 cats.

Tarie Sabido


is an editor who lives highly entertaining, emotionally stirring, intellectually stimulating, and spiritually enriching narratives. She believes in the Grand Narrative.

Darlyn Ty-Nilo


is a super fan of children's books. She designs journals and planners for a living. She is grateful to have a loving husband and 2 singing daughters. She's excited to share a Filipino book that kids and their parents can read for years to come.

Dokes Nilo


is dad to two adorable girls. He enjoys salsa dancing, choral singing, and comic books. He especially loves reading books to his girls and hopes that they learn more about their Filipino culture and heritage with this book.

Allyana Lopez


is a designer and illustrator. Her art is whimsical, nature-inspired, and mostly targeted to kids. Most of the work she does is in the local children’s book industry.

Daphne Kimberly Uy


Daphne is passionate about developing leaders and bringing out brilliance. Once a leader of a 600-member student organization and an HR manager at P&G, she's now a homeschooling mom, writer and certified 7 Habits facilitator. Follow her Instagram @bringoutbrilliance

Amy Domingo


likes making faith-filled art that points people back to Jesus, with illustrations inspired by a childlike faith and awe for God and His amazing creation. She loves memes, pins, and anime references. Follow her on Instagram @amy_domingo